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The Designer, Treasure MaDonna

Photo: @bhamqt

Photo: @bhamqt

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While listening to Sophia Amoruso (the founder of Nasty Gal) interview many "girl bosses" on her podcast GirlBoss, I realized that I should be more transparent. I want to tell my story in hopes of inspiring another #GirlBoss on her journey of self realization through this "bio" and my blog where I talk about my favorite things and life.

I'm originally from Houston and was raised by a stylish and creative family. My mom is one of the kindest spirits you will ever meet and she is an amazing jewelry designer and knows a thing or two about sewing...I’m still blown away by her talent. I’m grateful that she has always nurtured my creativity from me being a celebrity hairstylist to a now self-taught accessories designer. 

An aunt that was a vintage hat connoisseur, cousins that were so in tune with their individuality so much so that I wanted to raid their closets and my grandfather the King, he was the first businessman I knew growing up, integrity was his middle name.

With this stylish and business-minded blood running through my veins it was only natural that I would become the Visionary that I am today. The magical moments of self discovery started when I relocated and rented my first apartment ever in one of the most fashion-driven and electrifying cities in the world, New York City where I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology. Walking the energetic streets, looking up at architecture and people watching were my favorite past times, especially watching the women of a particular age…dripping in style like the popular blog Advanced Style.

My style and intentional mindset is the fabric that has been produced by the fibers of my nomadic lifestyle. Living in great cities like Houston, New York, Atlanta and currently Los Angeles, traveling around the world soaking up various cultures, sourcing beautiful fabrics, marveling at interesting architecture all while hanging with the kind locals are the fibers.

SIWEL is a passion project. I am in complete love with it. It is what Deepak Chopra writes about, it is what Oprah did for years and the epitome of the infectious spirit and writing style of the writer Zora Neale Hurston. It’s called purpose , true life. Author Paulo Coelho said a very true statement about this in his book the Alchemist “Maktub” (It is written).  

Listen, it’s a flow, no matter what obstacles you go through in your life, what is meant to be will be, just keep walking. Perseverance is a gift and a lifestyle.

*clearly this is an excerpt from my future book, hey Harper Collins….I’m so long winded. 

~ Treasure MaDonna

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The Brand, SIWEL

SIWEL® is a casual-luxe accessories brand based in Los Angeles, CA that injects a carefree, bohemian style into our beautiful handbags. The highly addictive handbags have been called cool pieces of art by our clients. Shop now!

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About Our Fabric and Leather
Created with a variety of high quality materials including hand selected textured fabrics and leather. Variations may exist due to the unique nature of the materials and the nuances of hand craftsmanship. With time and use, a product may mature and change as it develops its own lovely story!

Note: Various factors such as lighting and monitor setting can cause the colors of the picture to be slightly different than the actual product.

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