Reclaim Your Time As a Woman: Making Self-Care a Priority

Solange SIWEL nude palette.jpg

I just love this picture of Solange. She looks like she is telling everyone in her house that she'll be MIA for a few hours to catch up on some “me time”.

Its definitely important to take some self-care time for yourself, even if its just a few hours one day a week. Recharge your batteries ladies!

If you don't take care of yourself first, how else can you be the best woman, daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, mother, wife or _____ (fill in the blank)? And I'm not saying do this in a selfish way, but in a responsible, set time aside when time allows it kind of way.

The world revolves around our strength, knowledge, prayers, faith, intuition and so much more! So much so that It should be our birthright as women to have our self-care time. Let's all unplug and enjoy our evening...I know I am!  

What are you doing to relax and unwind this evening?


With So Much LOVE,
~ Treasure