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Magical Shea Butter + Feelings

Hey Beautiful People!

How are you feeling? You know, every time I say the word feeling I think about the song Happy Feelin’s by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly!


Hold on let me play that while I write to you (Siri play Happy Feelin’s). This song is all the feels today…seriously, read the lyrics below. It’s a message for somebody reading this! Especially since it’s the day after Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is hard for some people, I used to be some people. No shame! I just had to do the work, work through it and now, I’m constantly doing the work.

What’s the work you ask? Well for me, it is filling the week before, the day of and a few days after Valentine’s Day with activities that make me feel good about myself…self-care! This year I flew out to my hometown of Houston, TX and spent the week before Valentine’s Day with my Mom. Sometimes just being in the presence of loved ones can lift your spirit. 

I also worked on and launched this project, Self-Care is… which brought me so many “happy feelings”. Also, talking to you and sharing today is the work...okurrr 

Listen, you have to find the joy around you, sometimes in the simplest things! For example, on Valentine’s Day I loved on ME, mind, body and soul. One of my favorite things that I did yesterday was cleanse my face...sounds simple right?

It was therapeutic and self care at its finest. I’m in a meditative state when I’m doing it. When I cleanse my face, I practice the 10 step Korean skin care routine. Do you know what that is? Well, you will today, check out the link.

The oil cleansing, the serums...yes, Yes, YES! Then the moisturizer and oil, it’s so good! Who knew that shea butter, rose hip oil and hyaluronic acid serum could be so magical?!

The point is, we have to stop looking for love and validation outside of ourselves. Like the lyrics of song say “I’ve got myself to remind me of love”. Meaning, you are love and when you’re feeling down, do something in your control that will raise your vibration to remind yourself of love. 

Get to a point where you never hold another person responsible for your happiness, whether it’s family, friends or a significant other. Remember, you have yourself and your self care practices to remind you of love!

So… what do you plan to do for yourself this week? How can you love on you like no one else can? Leave a note in the comment section, I look forward to reading your replies.

If it’s any consolation, know that you are beautiful, amazing and highly gifted, celebrate yourself! And I love you, thank you for reading this! (and no, it’s not too late - Drake 😂 )

Go love on yourself and we’ll talk soon.

~Treasure MaDonna

Happy Feelin’s by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

"Happy Feelin's"

Happy feelin's in the air touching people everywhere

Plenty love and everything listen to the people sing

I got myself to remind me of love

My mind and my heart I believe in above

These happy feelin's I'll spread them all over the world

From deep in my soul I wish you

Happy Feelin's Happy Feelin's

Happy Feelin's Happy Feelin's

I I've seen the light watch them shine down on me

I'm gonna spread my wings I'm gonna tell all I see

These happy feelin's I spread them all over the world

From deep in my soul

Designer Talks: You Can Heal Your Life, Through Your Thought Patterns

This picture is of me in the doctor's office.  I injured both of my shoulders almost a year ago. I'm huge on holistic practices and healing yourself naturally. I pulled out Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life" to see what was really going on with my body.

Her philosophy is that everything has to do with our thought patterns and limited beliefs. When I looked up shoulders, it stated the probable cause as: “Shoulders: Represents our ability to carry out experiences in life joyously. Injuries: We make life a burden by our attitude”.

Treasure MaDonna SIWEL The Blair Edition Tote bag

Our attitude meaning our mindset, thought patterns and limited beliefs. She basically told me that I was stressing too much and making life a burden. Carrying all of this on/in my shoulders, I found out that I was causing them to be tense at all times, which in turn restricts blood flow and causes weakness.Yikes!

It was a straight reality check! I needed to recalibrate my mental state, relax and enjoy life instead of trying to force the outcomes of the goals I set. So for the past year, I have been in rehabilitation mentally and physically.

The new thought pattern she suggested was "I choose to allow all my experiences to be joyous and loving" (in all areas of life). I was like oh ok, so, moving forward I will continue to set goals, but be open to how the journey unfolds and enjoy the process, got it!

I mean, I’m a planner, in my notebooks, you will see steps 1, 2, 3 accompanied by a, b, c under each…Ha! Don’t get me wrong, planning is a great thing, but release the outcome, be open to opportunities on the journey that may, or may not be in your “notebook”. I wanted those steps to play out so bad that I carried that stress in my shoulders and made them susceptible to injuries…no good!

Listen, we only have one body and one mind. This year, I’m doing a lot of things different, strengthening my body to become stronger than ever, changing my thought patterns and redefining my definition of “success”. Through prayer and affirmations, I choose to allow love, joy and peace into every area of my life..and you should do the same!

Here is the link to Louise Hay's book - You Can Heal Your Life


With So Much LOVE,
~ Treasure