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Designer Talks: You Can Heal Your Life, Through Your Thought Patterns

This picture is of me in the doctor's office.  I injured both of my shoulders almost a year ago. I'm huge on holistic practices and healing yourself naturally. I pulled out Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life" to see what was really going on with my body.

Her philosophy is that everything has to do with our thought patterns and limited beliefs. When I looked up shoulders, it stated the probable cause as: “Shoulders: Represents our ability to carry out experiences in life joyously. Injuries: We make life a burden by our attitude”.

Treasure MaDonna SIWEL The Blair Edition Tote bag

Our attitude meaning our mindset, thought patterns and limited beliefs. She basically told me that I was stressing too much and making life a burden. Carrying all of this on/in my shoulders, I found out that I was causing them to be tense at all times, which in turn restricts blood flow and causes weakness.Yikes!

It was a straight reality check! I needed to recalibrate my mental state, relax and enjoy life instead of trying to force the outcomes of the goals I set. So for the past year, I have been in rehabilitation mentally and physically.

The new thought pattern she suggested was "I choose to allow all my experiences to be joyous and loving" (in all areas of life). I was like oh ok, so, moving forward I will continue to set goals, but be open to how the journey unfolds and enjoy the process, got it!

I mean, I’m a planner, in my notebooks, you will see steps 1, 2, 3 accompanied by a, b, c under each…Ha! Don’t get me wrong, planning is a great thing, but release the outcome, be open to opportunities on the journey that may, or may not be in your “notebook”. I wanted those steps to play out so bad that I carried that stress in my shoulders and made them susceptible to injuries…no good!

Listen, we only have one body and one mind. This year, I’m doing a lot of things different, strengthening my body to become stronger than ever, changing my thought patterns and redefining my definition of “success”. Through prayer and affirmations, I choose to allow love, joy and peace into every area of my life..and you should do the same!

Here is the link to Louise Hay's book - You Can Heal Your Life


With So Much LOVE,
~ Treasure

Designer Talks: New 2018 Handbag Style, The Blair Edition

The Blair Story

Meet Blair,  a beautiful and stylish lifestyle tote! I just love her honey hue with striking jet-black handles and sides. 

This specialty tote was created entirely by hand using my signature artisan technique. Rounded leather handles with a 3.5" drop for you to love on in your hand or comfortably carry on your arm.

Materials: Vegetable Tan + Pebble Leather

Vegetable tan leather is exactly what I had in mind when I designed this bag. The veg-tan leather's ability to hold it's shape is what really brought this handbag to life for me. I had a vision of wanting to mix textures, so I placed some jet-black, buttery soft, pebble leather on the sides as a major contrast to the smooth veg-tan, which also made a beautiful color palette. With the soft leather on the sides it allows you the versatility to wear it two different ways. You can allow the sides to fall out to the side naturally giving it a trapezoid silhouette or tuck them in for a cube effect...however you feel that day. 


The artisan hand stitch that you see on "Blair" was Inspired by my early design days when I first started working with leather. At the time, I didn't own a industrial sewing machine that could handle the weight of leather, so I decided to hand stitch my ideas. To this day, 10 years later, I still have some of those sample bags and people just love them! I think its something about the art of hand stitch, being handmade provides a connection with you and the designer.



The Design Process:

When it comes to a new Idea, It usually stems from a feeling of me wanting to be free and only do the things that bring me joy...that living off the land and wearing a long flowing dress that floats on the floor feeling (Lol). Then, I start thinking how can I design something and let the materials speak for themselves, show its natural beauty and flaws. You know, kind of how we all want to be loved through our flaws and all (Beyonce!).

After all of my feels, I sketch in my design notebook and do a lot of daydreaming because I have to see every step in my mind before I move forward. This is what some would say, I'm speaking to or seeking my genius or Holy Spirit to guide me in the process. Once I have a clear vision, I write down the process in my notebook...literally numbering the steps to completion. Then, I proceed to pattern making, which takes hours, sometimes day depending on the design. I'll do a mock up in a not so expensive material to get the look and feel of the bag. Send pictures back and forth to my mom who lives in my hometown Houston, TX. She is like my design consultant...and life consultant! I walk around the house a few days and look at the prototype in every mirror to see if I like it, standing on my tip toes (imaginary high heels) to see If it works. This is my process!

Production Process:

Once I feel the design concept and can see myself doing life with the bag, thats when I know you will love it too! There is nothing but love in the process of making this bag. From sourcing the materials to hand cutting each piece of leather and making sure the edges are beautiful...but still natural, because leather has its own beautiful story.

I then proceed to strategically punch the holes spacing them out so that you can see and love on the artisan stitch going in and out with your very own eyes. 

Final Finishing Process:

Now that leather is cut out and the holes are punched, I sew on the gold-foiled stamped "SIWEL" logo on the front of the bag using a sewing machine. Finally, I sit down, starting with the handles and moving to the body of the handbag using a beautiful waxed thread, I stitch in one tiny hole and out the other. Its a magical journey and to see it come to life one stitch at a time, it always gives me goosebumps! 

From start to finish this project can take anywhere from one to two days.

When you gift yourself, or any of your loved ones with one of my Blair totes, just know that I put my whole heart into it, because it took me hours to make, no doubt about it, and thats passion at its good!

With So Much LOVE,
         Treasure MaDonna
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