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SIWEL Updates: Best Tote Bags for Fall 2016!

Meet Lenox, she is a gorgeous, fresh and textured Flat Tote Bag!

Lol Maybe I'm bias...but yes I love this bag and think it is one of the BEST designer tote bags for Fall 2016!

Most people who know that I’m an accessories designer know that I thrive in designing leather goods and handbags with cool details. A few months ago I was completely drawn to beautiful, colorful and textured fabrics. This current collection was very natural for me, kind of like going back to my roots. About 10 years ago I designed a one-of-a-kind collection of clutches using this same fabrication. 

I am completely mesmerized by bohemian type paisley, henna art, ikat and floral patterns…just gorgeous! I hope you enjoy carrying these tote bags as much as I’ve loved designing and sourcing these amazing fabrics!

Imagine wearing these stylish, designer tote bags seamlessly to all of the events that you have scheduled on your calendar for this week from art gallery openings, brunch with your friends to shopping at your favorite farmer's market! Oh, and lets not forget about work and school, perfect for carrying your day-to-day essentials like your laptop, tablet, magazines, books and textbooks.

Shop your favorite color now!

~ Treasure MaDonna
SIWEL Updates: New Handbag Style Coming!
 photo FullSizeRender-4_zpsaw14fc6c.jpg

#Summer2016 has been a cool one! Moving to Los Angeles from New York City last Fall has lighted my spirit and my material choices. I'm feeling really carefree mentally and it shows in my designing. Drawing close to a lot of colorful fabrics like jewel tones, natural hues and a mix of textured patterns, I'm excited about this new collection of SIWEL Totes!

They are currently being produced right now here in Los Angeles...can't wait for you to see them! Whether you go to brunch with friends, the Farmer's Market or to the beach, they will enhance your style...I hope you enjoy them. #MadeinLA

~ Treasure MaDonna